Top 5 Best Weight Loss Plans

This is an advertisement. The offers featured on this site are from companies from which this site receives compensation. This also influences where, how, and in what order such offers appear.
This is an advertisement. The offers featured on this site are from companies from which this site receives compensation. This also influences where, how, and in what order such offers appear.

Noom Review

Read through our Noom review to find out how this diet works and if its psychological approach is the best option for your lifestyle.
Pros: You get access to an app that helps you stay on top of your weight loss goals along with help from nutritional coaches. Noom lets you eat anything you want but recommends that you stick to whole foods.
Cons: The high cost may make you think twice about signing up. Noom also lacks the structure that other plans have as it doesn’t give you a way to meet with your coaches offline.
Bottomline: Those who can commit to their goals will find Noom a worthwhile option. You can use the app to customize your goals and keep track of logs to record your food and activity level.

What is Noom?

Noom takes a new approach to dieting that some find helpful. When you sign up, you have the option of choosing a plan that helps you get and stay fit or one that helps you lose weight quickly. You’ll never run out of options because you can eat everything that you love. Noom gives you access to an app that asks you to record the foods that you eat and any exercise that you get. Thanks to foods marked in red, green and yellow colors, the plan makes it easy for you to see how much you can eat daily. The psychological approach includes small quizzes you can take to identify your thoughts and emotions.

Features and Services

As a Noom user, you can view green foods that are safe to eat and include fruits and vegetables. The yellow foods are those that you can occasionally eat such as eggs and salmon. You will also see the red foods that you should attempt to avoid, including pizza and sugary snacks. The Noom app shows you how many calories you can eat and how many remain after each meal or snack. Unlike other plans that make you feel guilty for the bad choices that you make, Noom simply encourages you to do better.
Thanks to a to-do list released daily, the app shows you what you need to do in the coming hour. Though this list will include checking your weight, it may also ask you to take a quiz. Those quizzes use psychological principles that may change the way you feel about eating and dieting. Noom also asks you to chat with other users and work with your coach.

Who is This for?

Noom is a good diet plan for those who want someone to keep them on track. When you check the app, you need to keep track of everything you eat. The app shows you how many green and yellow foods you can still eat and the red foods you should avoid. You don’t need to feel bad if you have a cheat day or eat too many bad foods because the app encourages you to do better tomorrow. This is also a suitable choice for those who can commit to their weight loss goals and anyone who can afford the high cost of the plan.

How it Works

Before you can use Noom, you need to take a test. It asks whether you want to just lose weight or get fit and about your age and gender. You need to enter your current weight and height along with your goal weight. As you work your way through the test, it will show you the date that you will reach your goal and update the date based on your responses. It can take up to a year for you to hit your goal weight. Once you become a user, Noom determines how many calories you can eat per day. You’ll need to open the app and update the food tracker every time you eat, which will show you how many calories you have left for the day. Noom also offers coaching for all users. Your coach should respond to questions quickly and give you feedback as you move through the program. As a bonus, you can talk with other users who have similar goals in group chats.


As a new member, you can try Noom for free for two months. During the trial period, you have limited access to the plan’s feature but have enough time to decide whether it will work for you. You can then sign up for a plan and pay one month at a time or pay for six months in advance. Noom charges $59 per month or $199 for six months. Keep in mind that you need to add a payment method when you sign up for the Noom free trial. This is the card the company will charge if you do not cancel your plan before the trial expires.

Customer Support

Though Noom promises that you’ll get the help you need when you need it, we had a hard time finding a customer service number. You need to check the Customer Service page and look over the FAQs to see if someone else asked the question that you have in mind. If you cannot find an answer, send an email to [email protected] You can also call (888) 266-5071 during the hours of nine am and six pm on weekdays. There is also a live chat feature that you can use on the site, but some find that it takes a while to get a response.

Final Verdict

Do you want the convenience of a diet plan that you can use in your favorite restaurants and when you’re on vacation? Noom is compatible with most mobile devices and lets you use the app wherever you go. You can take quizzes to find out why you think about food in certain ways and learn how to control your emotions. Noom pairs you with a coach who can guide you on your path and places you in groups that allow you to chat about your goals. As one of the more modern diet plans, Noom helps you lose weight and keep the weight off.


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