Top 5 Best Weight Loss Plans

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Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem can help you eat fewer calories and stick to a diet that you’ll like, but you can find out more benefits in our Nutrisystem review.

ProsYou can choose from more than 150 meals every day and have both meals and snacks sent to your home. Nutrisystem offers custom options for diabetics, vegetarians and others who follow a special diet.
Cons: It can take up to 10 days for your first order to arrive. Nutrisystem doesn’t offer as many substitutions as other plans do and can be a little expensive.
Bottomline: With Nutrisystem, you can get a plan and have meals sent to your door that help you stick to your diet. These plans start at less than $10 a day and include options for anyone on a restricted diet.

What is the Nutrisystem Program?

Nutrisystem is a diet program backed by famous faces such as Marie Osmond. Osmond partnered with the company after appearing on Dancing With the Stars to help her shed some extra weight. When you sign up, Nutrisystem guarantees that you’ll lose 10 inches and 18 pounds within your first two months. Unlike other diet plans that just tell you what to eat, Nutrisystem sends meals and snacks to your home based on your unique diet plan. Cheeseburgers and chocolate desserts are just some of the dishes that might appear on your menu.

Features and Services

With Nutrisystem diet plans, you get a minimum of three meals and one snack every day. The meals come packaged and ready for storing in your freezer, and you can keep the snacks stored on your counter. All menu items are free of artificial colors and flavors, and most have a limited number of preservatives. You get both an early morning and afternoon snack as well as an evening snack. Nutrisystem also has a mobile app with a built-in barcode scanner that lets you scan the codes on your favorite foods to get nutritional information and see if those foods will fit with your diet.

Who is This for?

Nutrisystem is a good program for those who don’t want to cook and anyone who has a hard time following a strict diet. You can choose the meal plan that works best for you from three options and order extra items separately when you want. We highly recommend this program for vegetarians and diabetics who need help losing weight.

How it Works

Before you sign up for the Nutrisystem program, you can use the online calculator. It asks for your height and weight and how much you want to lose. You also need to enter your email address and click a box if you are a diabetic. Nutrisystem will then recommend the plan that fits your lifestyle. After picking which plan you want, you can check out on the site with your payment information.

Nutrisystem also asks you to select a menu that fits with your plan. Professional chefs designed all the menus for the company. It takes between four and business days for your first order to arrive in the mail, which will come with all the meals and snacks that you need for the next four weeks. You also get a guide on how to make healthy choices at restaurants and a separate guide on how to follow your diet plan. Nutrisystem includes tips on making good decisions at the grocery store and healthy living too.


With three plans to choose from, Nutrisystem offers diet plans to fit all budgets. The first is the Basic Plan, which starts at $8.57 a day. This comes with five breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well as five snacks. You also receive free shipping on your order.

Uniquely Yours is the second plan offered by Nutrisystem, which costs $10.36 or more per day. This plan comes with healthy snacks and meals that you can store in the freezer. While you get all the benefits of the Basic plan, you also get more options and can choose from more than 160 meals and snacks that will work with your plan. Nutrisystem also lets you complete a survey to help you find options that work with your food likes and dislikes, body type and weight loss goals.

The most expensive plan from Nutrisystem is the Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan, which starts at $12.50 a day. It includes three meals and multiple snacks every day and comes with enough food for all seven days of the week. This can save you from the frustrations of deciding what to eat on the weekends.

Nutrisystem now offers special plans for men, vegetarians and diabetics. The plans for men include more calories as men need to eat more and are available at prices ranging from $10 to $13.93 per day. Nutrisystem D includes options for diabetics for as little as $8.57 a day. All of these plans include no-sugar-added meals and snacks for diabetics. Vegetarians can choose meals designed by professional chefs based on their goals or pick and choose from a variety of menu options that do not include meat products.

Customer Support

Getting help from Nutrisystem is easy because you can connect with the company on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. The FAQ section includes answers to questions that new customers had. You can also speak to a live representative between the hours of 7 am and 12 am Eastern Standard Time both over the phone and online.

Final Verdict

With free shipping and low prices, Nutrisystem is a solid choice for dieters. We recommend this program for those who want to cut calories but don’t know how. You get frozen foods sent right to your home that you can heat in a microwave and all the snacks that you need daily too. Nutrisystem also offers a money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t satisfied with the plan.


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