Top 5 Best Weight Loss Plans

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This is an advertisement. The offers featured on this site are from companies from which this site receives compensation. This also influences where, how, and in what order such offers appear.

Weight Watchers Review

Get the inside scoop on Weight Watchers in our Weight Watchers review and learn why so many people used the company to lose weight.
Weightwatchers review
Pros: Weight Watchers lets you choose the foods that you want to eat without feeling guilty. You can choose from hundreds of foods and find delicious recipes, too.
Cons: As you need to count points daily, you may find that the program feels boring. It offers more freedom than you may need and can cost more than you expected.
Bottomline: Weight Watchers can help you lose weight and learn habits that last after you leave the program. You can chat with others through the site and find fun recipes to try at home.

What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a diet plan based on a points system. You receive a set number of points that you can eat every day. WW bases your points on factors such as your current and goal weights along with your activity level. You can use the optional app to find workouts that are suitable for home use or the gym. The app also reminds you of when you need to go to sleep and do other simple things. With three plans now available, WW makes it easy for you to choose the right plan to use on your weight loss journey.

Features and Services

One of the benefits of choosing Weight Watchers is that you’ll find many WW foods in your local grocery stores. These foods include frozen meals that you can make in a hurry and tons of snacks such as protein bars that taste like candy bars. It’s easy to add those foods to your point tracker and see how many points you have left for the day. All customers also get access to the WW app, which now includes tons of features that you can use every day.
Thanks to the built-in trackers, the app keeps track of your sleeping and eating habits along with how much water you drank and exercise you got. Another feature allows you to enter any ingredients that you have on hand and get recipes that show you how many points each serving has. There are also coaching sessions available that take only five minutes to complete and meditation sessions to help you relax. WW can even help you build a schedule that includes recipes you can make for all three meals in the coming week.

Who is This for?

Weight Watchers designed the Digital plan for those who do not need much extra help. The company expects you to do most of the work yourself and offers limited guidance. Though you can use the app to count points and keep track of your records, you won’t get much in the way of expert help. If you want to set a custom schedule and get more support, the Digital 360 plan is the best option for you. This plan helps you count points but also provides you with support from a weight loss coach. You may want to go with the third plan if you want someone to hold you accountable. This plan features workshops and group events where you can talk with other WW customers.

How It Works

All WW diet plans begin with an initial assessment that determines why you gained weight and how you can lose weight. You then receive a diet plan called the Blue, Purple or Green plan. Each plan tells you how many points you get for the day and shows you how many points different foods have. With the Blue plan, you learn how to focus on foods that have zero points. While the Green plan focuses on your favorite foods and fresh vegetables, the Purple plan features the smallest number of points.
As a WW user, you get an app that lets you keep track of your points. It links to a database that includes all foods to show you the points they have. With the weekly meeting plan, you have the choice of attending online or in-person meetings. The meetings allow you to talk about the problems you recently had and talk to others in the same position. Weight Watchers can also help you chat with a weight loss coach and find recipes that feature zero point foods.


The price that you pay in WW depends on which plan you choose. One is the Digital plan, which starts at $3.38 per week. This gives you access to coaches who are available 24/7 and thousands of recipes. The Digital 360 plan costs $4.61 per week. It allows you to watch videos online and take part in different seminars that can help you lose weight and learn more about cooking. WW also offers a Digital+ plan for $6.92 per week. This plan includes virtual workshops and events with WW coaches along with access to the recipe database. All plans provide help with point counting, too.

Customer Service

It’s easy to contact WW over the phone at (800) 651-6000 whenever you need help. As long as you have the app on a mobile device, you can reach customer support through the app, too. This is the best way to get in touch with one of the coaches who have full access to your history. You may want to also check the FAQ section. This is where you will find all of the questions that other customers asked and how the company responded to them.

Final Verdict

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest weight loss companies in the world, which is why it has a long history of success. Customers originally attended weekly meetings where they weighed themselves in front of a group to track their progress. While you can still sign up for a plan that includes weekly meetings, you may want one of the other plans that allow you to work independently. No matter which plan you choose, WW lets you look for fun recipes and eat your favorite foods. You’ll also find tons of branded snacks and other foods that you can safely eat. Weight Watchers is a good weight loss plan for both men and women.


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